Conqueror vs Belgrano Print

In ‘Conqueror vs Belgrano,’ the ‘HMS Conks’ is painted in gloomy, navy shades in the South Atlantic Ocean with hints of turquoise piercing through.  Learn more


D-Day San Carlos Bay Print

Military and armour artist David Pentland’s painting, ‘D-Day San Carlos Bay’ is a high-octane representation of this exciting Falklands Conflict assault. Learn more


Entering Stanley Print

‘Entering Stanley’ is a dramatic, specially-commissioned painting from military artist David Pentland that captures the nearing of the end of the Falklands Conflict. Learn more


Goose Green Print

Military artist David Pentland ignites the ferocity of conflict in ‘Goose Green’ as our visuals are engaged by camouflage tones and committed faces of those in battle. Learn more


Operation Black Buck Print

Order ‘Operation Black Buck’ today, a print featuring artwork by military artist David Pentland that captures the dramatic action of the Black Buck raids during the Falklands Conflict.< Learn more


Retaking South Georgia Print

Order the spectacular ‘Retaking South Georgia,’ a print that highlights the foreshadowing of both the invasion of the Falklands and the result. Learn more


SS Canberra Returns Print

‘SS Canberra Returns’ is a bright, celebratory painting that David Pentland has created to pay tribute to the return of the troops from the Falklands to the United Kingdom. Learn more


Task Force Sails Print

‘Task Force Sails’ is a thoughtful depiction of the swift reaction from British Forces following the Falklands Invasion on 2nd April 1982. Learn more


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