Cornwell Badge Commemorative - Gold

Heritage of the Scouts



John 'Jack' Travers Cornwell, entered the Royal Navy in 1915. Wartime training was brief, but Jack, helped by his days in Scouting, was able to adapt quickly. Whilst serving Jack was struck by a shell splinter leaving him grievously wounded. Jack stayed at his post awaiting orders until the end of battle. Three days after reaching port, Jack died a national hero. The Cornwell Scout Badge was created in his memory and awarded in respect of high character, devotion to duty, great courage and endurance. 

Produced under official Scouts license, the reverse of the commemorative is brought to life by the Cornwell Scout badge design. The obverse features the iconic Scouts logo.

The Cornwell Scout Badge Commemorative is plated in 24-carat gold and produced exclusively by The Koin Club.


Diameter: 44mm

Depth: 3mm

Plating: 24-carat gold

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