Game of Thrones Framed Collectors Sheet

Game of Thrones Stamp Character Card Collection



This Game of Thrones Framed Collectors Sheet features all ten 1st Class Character Stamps along with labels that highlight key quotes from the series. Mounted and set in a black box frame (29cm x 43cm) this framed collectors sheet is ideal for any wall.

Each of the ten special stamps in the Game of Thrones issue have been custom designed in unprecedented detail and centre on an individual character.

Sansa Stark is depicted in front of the aftermath of battle at Winterfell, Jon Snow stands vigilant in the ice at The Wall and Eddard Stark is portrayed with a Weirwood tree in the Godswood of Winterfell. Olenna Tyrell is seen in the sea view garden of Kings Landing while a stern Tywin Lannister is pictured in the small council chamber. Wildfire lighting the Battle of the Blackwater provides a dramatic backdrop to Tyrion Lannister, his sister Cersei stands ahead of the Iron Throne in The Great Hall. In Braavos Arya stark holds Needle aloft outside the House of Black and White and Jaime Lannister stands ready in armour in front of The Great Sept of Baelor. Across the narrow sea, in Meereen, dragons circle The Great Pyramid as Daenerys Targaryen looks on.

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